Coffee with Arse Antiques

July 5, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with the fun and very creative women, Suzie and Amy who sell gorgeous antiques under the name Arse Antiques. Here you can find a little bit more about them.




Hi Amy and Suzie, tell us about how you first met


AMY - In the school car park!


SUZIE Then a few weeks later, my boot full of antiques ready for Portobello market  caught Amy’s eye. We chatted about our shared passion for antiques and decided  that afternoon to set up a business together. It really was that quick!



And the journey to where you are today - when did you first get into antiques? 


AMY - It has been in the blood since I was young. My grandparents were antique dealers - mainly blue and white china, dark furniture and copper and brass. It’s amazing how much you just pick up being around people who are passionate about their business. 


SUZIE I’ve always been drawn to the quirky and my own home was becoming increasingly full of vintage finds. Starting the business was the perfect excuse to indulge my obsession and provide me with an ever changing source of goodies to play with in my own home! 



"It’s not simply a gratuitously saucy name but in fact our initials. It made us giggle and we thought it wouldn’t be easily forgotten" 




How did you come up with the name?


SUZIE  It’s not simply a gratuitously saucy name but in fact our initials. It made us giggle and we thought it wouldn’t be easily forgotten. 

AMY It’s got a ring to it! (Am I allowed to say that?!) 



What’s the best part about working together? 


AMY We have a real giggle. We put our heart and soul into our buying trips, and I think that shines through in our product range. 

SUZIE  Only someone who truly gets a buzz from antiques is willing to get up at 4am to head off to the antique fairs. You know you’ve met your business soul mate when they approach  that early start with the same excitement as you do. 


How do you switch off from work? 


AMY The great thing about making a business out of a hobby is that you don’t want to switch off but a large gin and tonic sometimes takes the edge off a day of polishing silverware. 





Tell us about your love of antiques


AMY  I love the story behind an antique. I love that it has had a past life and is bringing that with it to its new home. It’s a more interesting way to design an interior. 

SUZIE I must add though that our favourite look is a mix of old and new. A house full of only antiques would be overwhelming and cluttered. A few carefully chosen pieces can add interest to a scheme and bring real personality to a room. 





Where can we buy your lovely finds?


AMY We have a website, and our items for sale go up via Instagram. We also hold a few pop up sales during the year and sell at antique fairs. 

SUZIE We also love a challenge and welcome requests to source items for customers. 


What’s the biggest lesson learnt since starting Arse Antiques?


SUZIE  Trust your instinct and don’t take too long to make a decision about a purchase. We’ve lost out on a few pieces because we haven’t moved fast enough and they have been snapped up by someone else. It’s particularly frustrating as so many antiques are one offs so there’s no possibility of simply buying another. Those missed chances haunt us. 

AMY You also get better bargains in the rain! 


What are you looking forward to in 2019?


SUZIE We would like to develop another arm to the business and start loaning pieces for photo shoots and period set designs. We’re chatting with editors of interior magazines at the moment and hope to have something in place in 2019.

AMY and continue having fun - it’s at the heart of everything we do and we never want to change that dynamic. 




Quick espresso..



My perfect day would involve ..


AMY A morning run with my dog, followed by a nice coffee in the garden and some antiquing before having to collect the brood from school! 

SUZIE - I love our photo shoots so I think I’d have to throw one of those into the mix! 


Best advice we’ve ever received- 


AMY We can’t actually tell you that because it’s too rude! We see the dealer all the time and he makes us giggle. I think he was trying to encourage us on a grey and miserable morning! 


We can’t live without..


AMY - coffee and laughter 

SUZIE - football and lager

AMY - what??!! 

SUZIE - ok, Sunday lie-ins


I’m currently reading 


AMY - Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine- a great book and a good insight into us humans!

SUZIE  - The Industry of Human Happiness by James Hall. It’s his debut novel based on the advancement of the music industry and an utterly compelling read.


And listening to...


AMY I’ve just started listening to Late Nights Woman’s Hour - it’s a bit more ‘meaty’ than the usual Radio 4 shows. 

SUZIE - The Greatest Showman soundtrack ( who isn’t?!)




AMY I love a bit of Chris Evans on a radio 2 - he livens up the school run!

SUZIE - I’m a radio 4 addict!


Best holiday destination


AMY My heart belongs to Kenya 

SUZIE - Walberswick - a sleepy little village on the Suffolk coast which never fails us as a family holiday. 


Favourite city 


AMY San Francisco 

SUZIE  London, Tokyo and NYC in that order



Guilty pleasure:


AMY - Reality TV shows- they are addictive but such a waste of time! 

SUZIE - gin 


Our mantra is..


Both - “never buy anything that you wouldn’t be happy to have in your own house “ ( if it doesn’t sell, it becomes a pleasure to keep!


Website :  

Instagram :







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